Aston Martin DBX-707, World's most powerful Luxury SUV

Aston Martin has just released the new DBX-707 and here's everything you need to know about it-


The Engine is the main thing about the New DBX-707 it's the same 4-litre twin-turbo V8 as the standard DBX but it is heavily reworked with larger ball bearing turbos seating in that hot V to spool up quicker and reduce turbo lag, there's also a new exhaust system and an Ecu remap to increase the performance, as a result, it's no longer making 550 horsepower and 700-newton meters of torque it makes as the name suggests 707 horsepower and 900-newton meters of torque, and not only that there is way more cooling to keep the engine cool with the gigantic front grille and two radiators each side stacked on top of each other and, Yes this Engine is Mercedes-Benz derived but you won't see any of these changes done to this engine in any other Amg product it's completely bespoke to Aston Martin.


The Gearbox is still the same 9 speed automatic as the standard DBX but it's no longer a torque converter system it has a wet plate clutch, as a result, the shift times are twice as fast as those in the standard DBX and there's also a new manual mode to allow the driver the full control of the gearbox and there's also a launch control system which you don't get in the standard DBX.

Chassis and Steering

The chassis also gets a new four-millimetre shear panel to increase the torsional stiffness by 1.3% and the 48-volt anti-system has been also modified which increases the torque capacity up to 50% to make the car more dynamic and make it feel a bit more rear-biased. There is also a brand new E-pads electric system calibration to feel smoother and more linear but also gives you more feedback. There is also an Alcantara steering option though as standard you get a sports leather steering wheel.

Suspension and Brakes

The suspension is upgraded with the top mounts if the suspension stiffens up by 55% in the front, they have also changed the compression and rebound for the dampers which result in a 20% stiffer compression rate at the front and 15% stiffer at the back and it still has the same three-chamber air suspension for better ride quality. The brakes are also upgraded with carbon Ceramic brakes as standard with huge 420-millimetre brakes at the front and 390 millimetres at the rear.


The Interior gets brand new front seats which are more body-hugging and the interior now has a mix of Alcantara and leather with optional dual-tone colours and the Sports seats also have a carbon fibre finish at the back of them. There is also a new rotary drive mode selector with kernel aluminium surround and the exhaust is now switchable with a separate button in the centre console which you can now have in gloss black or carbon fibre. Otherwise, the interior is very similar to the standard DBX which is no bad thing that means you get leather everywhere even the grab handles and there are soft-close doors also available now which were not available before.

Aerodynamics and E-diff

Keeping the aerodynamics in check there is an enormous rear diffuser with a lip on the top of it and is fully carbon fibre to keep the weight down. There is also a rear wing finished in carbon fibre and you still can have an electrically deployable tow bar. There are also new vents at the back of the car. The E- Diff is also recalibrated with a 7% shorter final drive ratio.

Performance Stats

The performance stats for the DBX-707 is just insane it goes from 0 to 100 in just 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 193 mph or 310.6 kilometres per hour which makes it the fastest SUV in the world ever defeating the Lamborghini Urus, the Porshe Cayenne turbo gt and the Bentley Bentagya.

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