Ferrari 812 GTS In-Depth Review

Updated: Jan 22


Sounds like an F1 car, The Gearbox is the best one available in the market, Looks Incredible


Quite heavy for a supercar, Tank to Tank range is very minimal, To tail Happy, and almost impossible to drive in wet.

Exterior Design

The Ferrari 812 GTS looks drophead gorgeous with those smooth lines and curves and the flying buttresses which are really attractive and being a Hard-Top Convertable its slopping roofline remains. Carbon Ceramic brakes are Standard with Forged Alloy Wheel's. There are some differences in the GTS from the 812 Superfast there is a slightly larger rear diffuser and L-shaped wings in the top edges of the windscreen for better aerodynamics.

The rear end has the trademark 2 circular Taillight's each side and quad tailpipes finished in satin black and a ductile spoiler Integrated with the beautiful bodywork of the Car. There is also an extended rear diffuser with twin stakes on each side for better aerodynamic efficiency and there is a smooth body line that runs from the back of the front tire all the way to the rear tire which make it look exquisite


The Engine is the famous F140-GA 6.5 Liter Naturally Aspirated V12 with 800 Horsepower and 718 Newton Meters of Torque. 0 to 100 comes in 2.9 seconds and a Standing Quater mile in 10.4 seconds. It is paired with a 7-Speed Dual Clutch automatic gearbox with all the power going to the rear wheel's. The top speed remains the same as the 812 superfast which is 211 miles per


The Driving Experience

The Driving experience is not only dominated by the Engine but the gearbox as well it is the best automatic gearbox available in the entire car industry. Of course, the Engine is also very Dominating in the Experience it sounds like an f1 engine and even if it is equipped with a Petrol particular filter it doesn't seem to have harmed it much. The only problem in the driving experience I think that It spins its wheels like crazy and want to go sideways all the time and not only in the first few gears it spins even in 4 the gear and never drive in the wet or it can be very problematic and don't even think to drive it in the wet and did I mention that the Engine revs to 8900 rpm and sounds loud and very Lovely. It has a high pitch sound the ride quality is not too stiff and it soaks up most of the bumps in the road

Interior Design

The Interior is very driver-focused and the Minimalistic design is also great There is a huge Tachometer in the middle of the gauge cluster and the Daytona Sport Seats are very supportive and body-hugging the Metallic pedals and the Air vents that look like an afterburner of a jet it all looks phenomenal and it's not like many other supercars which are stripped down it has a lot of leather which is handstitched by the way and the seats are heated as well as Electrically adjustable. Though there is no center screen if you don't select the optional passenger screen will make your Co-driver ask for even changing the smallest of things. So if you have to carry the co-passenger regularly you should select the extra Screen option. There is a small shelf behind the seats for extra cargo space and the steering wheel is full of buttons which might look a bit confusing but after some time you get used to it there is a red drive mode selector the menitino switch with ice, sport and race mode there are also all the wiper and adaptive damper controls on the steering wheel.

Roof Mechanism

The Roof Mechanism takes around 12 seconds and can be operated till 50 km/per and there is a glass window which can be lowered down at any speed but there is one problem that all the roof Mechanism add around 125 kilograms over the 1565 kilos 812 superfast.

Chassis And Suspension

So the Chasis is all aluminum with a trans-axle gearbox which means it is at the back of the car for better weight Distribution the engine is as back in the front of the chassis as possible which makes it a front-mid engine. The car gets double wishbone suspension all around with Carbon Ceramic brakes as standard and you can get a Nose lift system as an option.

Final Verdict

The final verdict is that it is one of the best cars on sale today and one of the last Naturally Aspirated V12 which is enough to buy the car alone and then the remaining Car is also so good and if you have 5.56 crore ex-showroom there are some other alternatives that you can consider at that price point such as the McLaren 720s spider and a Rolls Royce Wraith but the 812 GTS is the best in the Segment by Huge margin.

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