Vw Camper Van Split Screen In-Depth Review


Retro design with the classic dual-tone paint, Endless customization options, Very Reliable.


The Engine feels lacklustre, Very odd driving position, The chassis, and the body panels rust very badly.

Exterior Design

The Design is very iconic of the VW Camper Van is very Iconic with the dual-tone paint scheme, the classic round headlights, and the round indicators, there is also a small antenna with the split-screen windshield and a large VW logo at the side you get small 14-inch steel wheels with drum brakes all around and large windows. There are also air intakes to cool the air-cooled engine and the dual-tone treatment with the window area painted in white colour on this particular model. There are roof careers on this particular car that are aftermarket and not factory installed. There are some models in which there was a bed on the roof which were factory installed.

The rear of the car is very straightforward with the taillights which looks like they have come straight from a bus. There is a large chrome bumper and also your engine, yes it's a rear-engine car just like a 911.

Interior Design

The Interior of the T1 VW campervan is very plain and basic but of course, there are endless modifications available in the market. There is a large steering wheel that is fixed and cannot be adjusted but you can get used to it but there is one thing you cannot use to it and that is the pedal placement they are very strange and they look like they have come straight from a tractor. Overall the seats are very comfortable and there are acres of space.

Rear seat space is excellent as well and you can customize them easily with a fridge and a removable wooden table with curtains for the window to protect yourself from the sun

There are also many storage compartments and you can get a bed in there for two people. There is also a bed on the roof of the car as I told you earlier and is accessible from the inside of the car there is a staircase in one of the storage places and from there you can go to the roof bed which gets quite cold but you can modify it and have a heater in there as well which will make it a comfortable place but for only one of you.

Boot Space

The boot is very big but there is one problem if you have deployed the bed then there is no storage space available and the boot space also gets very hot due to the engine.


The Engine in the VW Campervan is very lacklustre its the same engine as in the VW beetle which is a 1.6 litre 4 cylinder air-cooled engine with 35 horsepower and there was an upgraded version with 50 horsepower.

Final Verdict

So my final verdict on the VW Campervan Tr1 is that it's a fantastic campervan which loads of storage spaces and plenty of room in the cabin and it's great for long journeys as well. so how much to spend on one of these they go for around 25 to 35 lakh for a fine example with relatively low miles which is surprising value for money.

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